What is St Luke's Hospice?

St Luke's is a hospice which cares for people aged 18 and above throughout Sheffield who have incurable illnesses. Their aim is always to control the patients symptoms, alleviate pain, and give them the best possible quality of life – all free of charge. It costs £6 million per annum to keep St Luke's open, and government funding, via NHS trusts only provides one third of the funds required, which means the Hospice has to raise a staggering £4 million each year to provide this vital end-of-life care.

This challenge was set up by a St Luke's Supporter who has seen first hand, the amazing care given to patients through St Luke's and whilst donations are now closed we would like to thank all our donators for their wonderful contributions.

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Today's Fair

Just a little heads up in case anyone was planning on coming to see us - I have pulled out of the Heeley Festival today due to the inclement weather - I'm afraid I just couldn't stand another 10 hours of battling the wind and rain in an open field.

Sorry to disappoint - am looking for some INDOOR fairs as we speak.........


  1. I don`t blame you one bit Tara.The wind alone is enough to put me off. I think it`s a bit unfair to expect you to stay outside with all the paper products especially with our record for rotten summers.
    Lynne xxx