What is St Luke's Hospice?

St Luke's is a hospice which cares for people aged 18 and above throughout Sheffield who have incurable illnesses. Their aim is always to control the patients symptoms, alleviate pain, and give them the best possible quality of life – all free of charge. It costs £6 million per annum to keep St Luke's open, and government funding, via NHS trusts only provides one third of the funds required, which means the Hospice has to raise a staggering £4 million each year to provide this vital end-of-life care.

This challenge was set up by a St Luke's Supporter who has seen first hand, the amazing care given to patients through St Luke's and whilst donations are now closed we would like to thank all our donators for their wonderful contributions.

Monday, 29 August 2011

August Bank Holiday Fayre Fundraising Update

Just a VERY quick post tonight as my hubby and I are both really tired after spending the past two days at the Sheffield Fayre selling all the cards you've all donated.  On the whole it was a good event, although we did have a few urchins who sideswiped a few cards while we weren't looking which really wound us up and I think the wind and rain put off the number of visitors we expected.  However, we did manage to raise £210 over the two days so our total raised to date is £335 - which is not bad going after 4 months of running the challenge blog.  So please keep up the good work - your cards are going great guns!

If you are looking for inspiration of cards to send us, the following were really popular and often requested:

  • Anniversary
  • Masculine cards
  • Exam pass (this could have been the time of year as A level and GCSE results were out this month)
  • New Home
  • Baby
  • Teenager Cards
  • Cards with specific animals
  • cards with "nothing on them" - ie sentiment free on the front
 Check back in a few days for the new challenge and this months winners....

Tara (aka Craftilicious) x


  1. Well done!! This list is very useful. I have a box full of cards that I'm getting ready to send so this will help in my choices! xx

  2. Wow Tara that`s a fantastic amount to raise. i know the weather wasn`t very good but still fabulous. Thank you for all your hard work and thank your hubby too.
    Lynne xxx

  3. Well Tara thats fantastic news....such a shame that some people take things from your stall particularly when you think of where the money is going... have a box to send off to you this week.


  4. Great news Tara although i'd like to give those urchins a piece of my mind! Thanks for the heads up on the type of cards requested too :)
    Jenny x

  5. I think Jenny was very restrained, I'd like to give those urchins the toe of my boot! It used to happen in the Hospice shop I worked in and it's very upsetting - often done just for the challenge of lifting something - what grown man would want to steal a couple of marble eggs for example (best not to answer that one!). Or swipe a pair of shoes and leave his old ones behind? Grr!

    Still, it's good to see the total rising and the list will help us to direct our 'makes'. I have a box almost ready to send too.

    Well done! Di xx

  6. Wow that is a great total for the 2 days especially as the weather hasn't been the best this weekend. Will have a look through my cards and see what I have I can send you ready for the next event.
    Kim xXx

  7. Well done Tara. You've worked so hard I'm glad it has been successful. Keep up the good work and forget the urchins. Zx

  8. This is good to hear Tara although like everyone else I'm shocked that anyone would steal from a charity. Thanks for the pointers on which sentiments are most successful and I'm looking forward to the next challenge. Vx

  9. Wow, what a fantastic achievement. It's great to see both totalisers rising. Thank you for the pointers on what cards to make, it is a great help.

    Keep up the good work.